I started having Parkinson’s-like symptoms about 1.5 years ago. I didn’t have any tremor, but I would often ‘freeze’ when I walked, where I would just stop and have to really focus and concentrate hard in order to keep moving. I had an unsteady gait and had a lot of trouble walking and couldn’t do anything fast. My handwriting was also deteriorating and was very bad. I also had an occasional ‘mask’ where my face would just become non-expressive.

I never tried medications, but was recommended to Dr. Oler from my nephew who was very familiar with Dr. Oler and his work. At first, I had a lot of trouble with nausea when taking the amino acids and we worked with Dr. Oler for a couple months to find the final solution. After about 8-9 months I was doing much, much better.

I am walking very well; at 84 years old, I think it’s about as good as I can get. I still need to concentrate sometimes when I’m walking fast or around corners, but other than that, I do pretty good. My focus, concentration and memory are pretty good overall and I keep very busy. My facial expression is good, I smile a lot and I love to interact with other people.

I am very pleased that my health has been helped so much and am very grateful for Dr. Oler’s help.

Clayton L.

My reasons for coming to the Natural Path Center relate to my view of Parkinson ’s disease (PD). People with cancer often say they are “fighting” cancer, while people with Parkinson’s say they “have” it. The difference is significant; cancer patients are not resigned to an “incurable” condition, as people with PD often are. I am battling this disease.

I’ve been diagnosed with PD for seven years. Over this time, I’ve “tried it all,” so to speak. I discovered three theories, or ways of thinking, about PD, each with incumbent, and distinctive, treatments. The most common view, often held by allopathic physicians (MD’s) is that PD is idiopathic (of unknown cause), progressive, and incurable. Dopamine, which stimulates movement, is dying and not coming back. Thus, PD is best treated by pharmaceutical drugs that mimic dopamine and mitigate movement, balance, and rigidity problems.  An alternative school of thought holds that PD results from long-term stress, particularly years of living in adrenaline or sympathetic mode which “turns off” dopamine. Dopamine is seen as dormant, not dead. It can be awakened through anti-stress strategies, like meditation and belief in a higher power that engenders feelings of safety. Relax; let go and let God is mantra for this view. Amino Acid Therapy stems from thinking that people with PD suffer from nutritional deficiency in the brain. Amino acid, along with other supplements, including natural dopamine (mucuna pruriens) repairs deficiencies and slows disease progression. This therapy utilizes dopamine replacement, like the medical model, but its form is natural and less destructive of substances, like Vitamin B, needed for healthy brain function. Amino acid therapy also reduces symptoms, allowing space to try some anti-stress methods for brain healing. I choose to apply the second two schools of thought to alleviate PD—a less traveled path.

This approach is working. Meditative, spiritual practices alone did not relieve my symptoms, though I learned a lot about myself, including adrenaline addiction. I tried Sinement, the pharmaceutical option, and I moved wonderfully for two years, and, then, the medicines starting wearing off. I needed more. Plus, my symptoms worsened quickly. I walked with a cane, fell a lot, lived with a clenched fist, and, eventually, had to retire from my job. With Amino Acid Therapy, I now function at 85-90% capacity. My dopamine levels are regulated across the day, avoiding the rollercoaster of drug therapy. I walk 2-3 miles daily, take Yoga classes, show my dogs competitively, write with normal handwriting, and, even, smile sometimes. I struggle with nausea, often once daily, which is dispiriting, but not intractable. It’s sort of a nuisance to take supplements four times daily, but PD is an inconvenience no matter how one looks at it.

I’m angered that my health insurance does not pay for non-pharmaceutic treatment, but I’ve found a couple of less expensive alternatives to basic substances in the therapy. Integration of less with more expensive supplements enables me to pay out of pocket costs. I’m definitely spending my wealth for my health, but, then, health is wealth.  I recommend this program to you, IF you are committed to taking the path less traveled, which means standing up to non-believing physicians, and IF you are patient to allow tinkering with dosage until you and Dr. Chad get it right (this process can take 6-9 months). If you are graced with persistence and patience, this program can be right for you.


I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 5 years ago and had been on Sinemet for 3 years. I was hardy, exercising and functional (at least part of the day). I was working with a naturopath who helped me fill in the gaps that Sinemet left behind. He was probably the reason I was doing so well at that time.

However, I had always seen Sinemet as a dangerous, short-term solution. And, I was moving from stage one to stage two of the disease. It was time for a change.

As a professor, I was accustomed to research, and I had studied amino acid therapy extensively. I considered several caregivers, and Dr. Oler seemed like the perfect fit.

Before I started on the amino acid therapy with Dr. Oler my symptoms had been worsening quickly. I walked with a cane, fell a lot, had some hand tremor but more rigidity, lived with a clenched fist and had to retire from my job.

With the amino acid therapy, I now about 90-95% better. I sleep well, walk 2-3 miles every day (without assistance), take yoga classes, write normally and don’t notice hardly any tremor. My dystonia is gone.

I have nausea on occasion, but it is tolerable. This is the best that I have felt in many years.


Although generally my health was good, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about five years ago and was started on Stalevo and Mirapexin. They helped at first, but then my symptoms started to progress and they raised the dosing. However, about 7 months ago, my symptoms started getting much worse and I started looking for other alternatives. At the time, I had terrible shakes in both my arms and legs, my balance was bad, I could only walk with a stick, my fee were “freezing” to the floor, my sleep was poor and my physical pain was increasing. My movements were stiff and my friends and family were noticing that I was developing a ‘Parkinson’s mask’.

An acquaintance of mine mentioned amino acid therapy to me and recommended Dr. Oler and the Natural Path Health Center. I started on the amino acid therapy in November 2015 and by December I was already seeing improvements. By January 2016, my pain was non-existent, my feet were no longer freezing to the floor and my sleep was fantastic.

Now, I feel as though the clock has been turned back about 5 years. I am now walking without a stick and my balance is back to normal. I still have some shakes and very occasional “freezing” by nothing like they were before. Wooden movements have gone together with the Parkinson’s mask.

Everyone says how well I look. I do have some occasional indigestion with the amino acids, but we’re working on that.

Derek K.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2002 and was eventually placed on Sinemet for 5 years. The Sinemet worked for a while, but then it started working less and less. I was rapidly deteriorating from the devastating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease – I needed around the clock care and couldn’t get out of bed without assistance. The tremors spread from my left leg to my entire body, I was anxious all the time and I was starting to get more and more stiff/rigid every day. I couldn’t use my computer because I couldn’t type.

I found Dr. Oler in 2015 just when I was thinking there was absolutely no hope for lessening the symptoms of the Parkinson’s disease. I thankfully discovered I was mistaken.

Since starting my program with Dr. Oler and taking the amino acids, I can now schedule the taking of a shower, going to the bathroom without caregiver assistance, eating a meal on my own, etc. I take my amino acids and other supplements four times per day. I find that about one hour and fifteen minutes following the taking of my supplements, I experience a ‘window of true relief’ from the Parkinson’s disease symptoms, allowing me to be more productive. This ‘window of relief’ usually lasts two to three hours.